Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring breakalicious

This Spring Break was my favorite.  I spent most of the week in Galveston with Izzy and our combined 4 boys - all under the age of 3.  Chaos, tantrums, shitty diapers, beer, fishing poles, ninja chops, kites, rattle snakes, more laughter than tears and some sun burns pretty much sums it up.  Jacy came for a night with her 2 babies, cooked us an over the top dinner and got Dax to eat more veggies in one night than he eats in a week.  My Dad came for a day and took us all fishing, we didn't catch a thing and no one fell off the dock - success.   

We went to Freeport on our way home and my fishing obsessed Dax got his first big catch!  In total he caught 5 ten-inch piggy perch, and has told anyone and everyone that he caught 7 BIIIIIG FISH!!  Apparently inflated fishing stories start young!  We got back to the big city, took the babes on a convertible ride and spent the rest of the day contemplating buying an old loud car.  They've never fallen asleep so fast!!  It was a great week.



  1. I could look at these pics all day long!!

  2. thanks uncle freddy and julie!!! i want to go back RIGHT NOW!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pics awsom!!