Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Italy rubbed oFF ON SISTER, bohoK.day fell in love

With..... {Campari & Soda} 

No, No, No Italian Stallion yet- but we are definitely still looking for her perfect bohoMAN!  And as her FAVORITE big Sister, I am allowed to pimp her out.  Any-who, let me show you how to really win her heart.  >-------->

First, you need to know how to make a Good Campari & Soda or know where to take her to get one!  

This love affair may have begun in Italy after popping too many of these little puppies…

Campari and Soda

Fever Tree Soda
Orange wheel for garnish
High ball glass

{Mix 2 parts Campari and 1 part Soda in a tall glass with crushed ice. Stir & Garnish with an orange wheel}

Grant first introduced me to these a couple of years ago and I almost threw up!  It is definitely an acquired taste for some...so don't be surprised if your first thought after a sip is COUGH SYRUP.  You too will eventually love, as for bohok.day, she fell in love inside a small bustling cafe in Italy.  It's so European :)  

*Note* If you order a Capari & Soda in Paris be careful not to get lemonade with it.  Ask for eau gaze use - A sweet Parisian gentlemen sitting next to us at a brasserie shared this little tip. 

Our favorite "Campari Time" was in Rome at a restaurant called, Dilla.  So please remember Mr. bohoMAN, whomever you are - She prefers to drink them on a small terrace in Southern Italy.  


Designed to waken the senses and develop the appetite, the apéritif encompases a wide variety of wines, spirits and liqueuers, usually accompanied by some light snacks. 

from http://www.mixographer.com


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