Thursday, March 13, 2014

Airbnb: Rome//Florence//Paris

As most of you guys know from our Instagram, bohoJC and I, just got back from Europe. This time around I booked almost all of our lodging through Airbnb. I have always been a little leery of these sites in the past, but I tried VRBO last year in Paris and could not have been more pleased on how it turned out. Plus, it comes equipped with one of the most knowledgeable/organized/clean hosts you could ever ask for, Patrick. He has several listings within the building if you need a smaller or larger place. Did I mention Colette is literally your next door neighbor? HOLLLLAAAAA!!!

I would have booked it this year, but turns out I'm not the only one scouting out all the available apartments in the first arrondissement. 

We stayed 1 or 2 blocks away from The Spanish Steps, would highly recommend this area. It was the most centralized hub and was super close to many high end restaurants/boutiques, we'll touch more on that later. Back to the apartment, again it came with a super gracious host. Who not only arranged almost all of our transportation (from the airport, to the train station when traveling from city to city), but also was available to meet us at 7:00 in the morning. She was great! We seriously could not have done it without her. 

We didn't have too much time in Florence, but overall it was probably my favorite apartment out of the 3. Super roomy, could definitely fit 1 large family or 2 small families, and was just way cool. From the wall papered ceilings to the geometric kitchen, it was definitely a great find. It also, was in a great location. You are just blocks away from the Duomo and an amazing all organic gelato shop, Gelateria Edoardo, that will bring you to your knees it's so good.

This apartment had a whole lot to prove coming from 2 really great apartments prior. It was located right in the heart of Saint Germain, walking distance from Cafe de Flore (who our favorite Song of Style is often spotted) or Cafe Les Deux Margot just right next door. Had an amazing chocolate shop right out your front door, they truly saw chocolate as an art. It was beautiful. 

peace, love, & travel

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  1. Hello! Do you have the link to your florence airbnb??