Sunday, October 6, 2013

the weekend

It's always so fun to recap the weekend, I started out thinking of all the plans that got cancelled or I missed - a birthday party, a dinner, ACL, Houstonian fall festival (feels like a lot).  But then thought of everything we managed to fit in, the family I got to visit, the small things I discovered and tiny new angel I finally got to meet.  

I met sweet Camilla Grey on Friday.  She is beautiful and petite and smells lovely, the most perfect way to start the weekend.  I spent the rest of my afternoon in a hot football helmet getting bossed around by a toddler, while watching little Mo bravely try to stand on his own.  He'll be 13 months this week, is in no rush to walk and I love it.  I secretly hope he never walks and lets me carry him forever.  Which is probably why he doesnt walk, because I love carrying him so much....hmmm.

I gave Mo a dinosaur on Saturday and he has not put it down, it's the first toy that Dax has not cared about and Morris loves.  It sounds silly, but makes me so happy to see him discovering his own personality and preferences, I want to go buy him every single dinosaur figurine I can find.  He also is loving greek yogurt, something no one else in our house will touch.  If I was throwing him a party tomorrow it would be a dinosaur greek yogurt party.   

We took Dax to the Houston Grand Prix on Saturday.  It was hot and humid and loud and fast and awesome!!  He loved it and yelled "RAATHE CAR" the rest of the weekend.  Did I mention it was hot?  My Godmother Aunt Peggy & Big Mar babysat Mo, they taught him how to read and fed him Chinese food.  A lot of Chinese food.  We missed a birthday party and a dinner, I hate bailing on things and some days wish the long days were even longer, Saturday was one of those days. 

Yesterday my Dad came to visit before he refereed some games nearby.  I'm pretty sure it was the first time in 33 years I cooked him breakfast.  I poached eggs that turned out kinda puny but he loved it, and it was fun to feed the man who always feeds us!  We spent the rest of the day at the house watching football, Jason cooked chili and Julie, Daron & Driscoe came by.  It ended with a bummer Texans game but pics of the cutest most loyal Texans fans, they could care less if they win or lose!

Happy Monday everyone!!


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