Wednesday, October 16, 2013

bohoBabies 33/52: At the Pumpkin Patch

We decided a few days ago that it would be fun to take all the bohoBabies to the Pumpkin Patch on Westheimer for a photo shoot in their Halloween costumes. Whenever our plans are last minute like this, things just seem to fall into place, and this was no exception. We all had our costumes, we all managed to get there at the same time with the children plus Uncle Jason, & the weather was gorgeous! This was gonna be gooooood.
Now fast forward to the part where we are supposed to get 6 kids, 5 of which are still in DIAPERS, to sit still for these cute pics we envisioned. Things suddenly are no longer falling in to place. 
Our photo shoot was quickly turning into a hot mess; Sweet lil Camilla was crying because she was hungry & because our baby lover Gjelina was trying to sit on her hug and kiss all over her. Mo was missing nap time & had a grumpy (poo), Dax was freaked out by Caymus' scary mask and kept trying to run away from him, and Macgyver Driscoe, wouldn't stop trying to steal Mo away in the wagon. It was total chaos.
The best part of the photo shoot was at the very end when Sarah casually asked us if we wanted to take the wild banshees to Coppa for some pizza!?!?!? And mind you, this was after she ran a million circles, lifting and placing toddlers all over that damn Pumpkin Patch. Our answer was clear as we grabbed our children & ran to our cars to speed away.
So, here are the pics of our short, chaotic, photo shoot at the Pumpkin Patch! Enjoy!

Gjelina: Rainbow Brite
Caymus: Scary Zombie/Goblin
Camilla: Kitty Cat
Dax: Andre Johnson
Mo: Andre Johnson
Driscoe: Andre Johnson

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