Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween house party for ADULTS!

bohoJulia and I met our bohoBestie Melisa on Halloween night 2005.  This year she threw an over the top party celebrating that wonderful day.  Not really, but she threw a big, bad ass Halloween party and I had to share.  

The creepy hosts, Jacques & Melisa 

So I mentioned this was an ADULT party right?  I learned that if I ever host a party, I will always have a fake arm on hand.  This hand got molested...these are the PG pics.  

We had a blast!! bohoJacy's Shiva was my favorite and Frida had fake eyelashes on her uni-brow and mustache...super sexy!  Melisa - who's creepy contacts gave me nightmares, said she shopped all over town and online for the decorations.  The table settings were from Pottery Barn & Z Gallerie.  She hired a private chef to make the gory yummy menu - like dumplings in Mason Jars that looked like brains and rented tables and chairs from A Finer Event.  There was dry ice in the pool and furniture draped with blood stained sheets.  Every lil detail was covered...in blood!! Mwaahahah. Thank you Melisa & Jacques for one of the coolest, yummiest, creepy, fun parties I've ever been to and the perfect way to kick off this Halloween season!

Private Chef - Demetrius Baxter www.chefdemetrius.com
www.potterybarn.com has a lot of her plates etc. now on sale.  

So fun!!  Comment if you have any questions about any other items. 

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