Friday, December 6, 2013

The Daniel Wellington Watch.

Okay, so I am probably the ONLY person in the entire fashion industry who does not wear an arm party. Personally, I just think since my wrists and hands are so tiny that it's just too much on me. 

So, anyways you will probably only ever see me with 1 bangle at a time, and it will probably be my Giles & Brother Railroad Spike or a watch. Sometimes if I am feeling extra special I might have on a watch with the Railroad Spike. Well ladies brace yourself, because I found one more present to put under your Christmas tree. The Daniel Wellington Watch. It is so spectacular by itself that pairing it with something would just pale in comparison.

You can order online at http://www.danielwellington.com/us/classic-sheffield-118 or they are found at pH Design Shop here in Rice Village.

With love, from my desk to yours!



  1. Looks great on you Kady!
    xx Amanda

  2. That watch is always a classic piece i love this. you are looking stunning with this.

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