Wednesday, December 18, 2013

bohoJAMS...We love BEYONCE

Beyonce shocked everyone Last Friday when she released 14 new songs & 17 new music videos.  Strangely, Grant & I were getting some signage reworked at the awesome, Neon Gallery, on West Alabama and this BLOW neon was perched in the window!!!  We thought it was so cool and learned that he did it for the Beyonce video, Blow!!! How bad ass!  -Did y'all know bohoK.day has the same birthday as Queen B?  So, we are basically related, right?  We love that Beyonce is from our HOOD! Have you downloaded the new album?  Thoughts  So, if you want to purchase or see this rad neon do a drive by on West Alabama…. KINDA Still wanting to plan that ROLLERSKATING party!!!!! - i loved our skating rink in Baytown!  -i can see it disco balls, American Apparel gear, with Beyonce on!  I have a funny feeling bohoGrace is already rocking this out with her girls from the Moonlight Dolls.

Grant & I saw the Mrs. Carter World Tour back in July…ah-mazing.  Here is a LITTLE preview of the BLOW video!

download HERE


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