Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Redneck Weekend….Right At Home!

Between work, babies, and the holidays, poor ol' bohoBlack fit no where in my schedule.

I don't know about you, but the holiday's kicked our butts! The weekend before Christmas we decided to take both babies to the deer lease. That would be just 5 days after I was in the ER getting morphine for a pulled neck. Clearly the decision to take our 4 month old was made under the influence of pain killers.

Nevertheless, we did it and we all survived. We even survived a night of sleeping with no heat. (We found the space heater the next morning and I agreed to stay through the weekend, because I spent the entire night awake, freezing and planning my great escape.)

It ended up being such a fun little trip. Driscoe witnessed a deer cleaning for the first time, and was completely unfazed. He walked up to Papa while eating a bag of cookies and asked, "Papa, how's that reindeer doing?" Ew. My stomach still gets a little queasy at the thought.

We bundled up and played outside the entire time.  We rode around dirt roads in the burb with no car seats, sat by the fire, saw moo cows, and just did a whole lotta nothing. We even managed to squeeze in a nap.  Driscoe loved it, my boys are happiest outside, wild and dirty.

I love that we are starting new traditions with our little family, and the deer lease with Papa is at the top of that list.  Now, back to a normal schedule and hopefully some more blogging. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics from our weekend.

*We are from Texas, we shoot and eat deer, if that freaks you out there are some pics here you might not enjoy.  Just a lil disclaimer. 

Lotta snuggling in that cold weather!

This napping spot did not last long....mini heart attack when I noticed the gun case, empty gun case, but still. 

Ridin Dirty

These cows were kind of aggressive, but it was fun being so close. Driscoe kept saying we were going to see, 'moo cows and kitty cats'. We did not see any kitty cats.
No heat? No problem! He is such a happy baby!

Donovan & Papa, 100% related.
If I had sent out Christmas cards this year I would have used this pic, so Merry Christmas from the Bertillions!  (Santa was special needs, the sweetest greeter we've ever met.)
His outfits kill me. 
Cute pic of Papa and Driscoe, but Ew.
This pic, this is what it's all about! Campfire time with Papa.


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