Thursday, January 29, 2015

2 Drunk Girls....Julep

cutie bartender Josh 

It's not very often we get out on a weeknight, but we heard there was a new bad ass bartender at Julep and decided to check him out!  Typically, a glass of red wine or an ice cold beer is our drink of choice, but at a craft cocktail bar like Julep we couldn't bear to ask this talented cutie to simply pour a glass of vino.  We left the ordering to him and we were more than pleasantly surprised.  The Spiced Julep, Sparkling Mint Julep, Rail to Satsuma and Pimm’s Cup were some of our favorites.  Yes, we have a headache today but it was research for this blog of course!

Each cocktail is like a mini masterpiece; almost as fun to watch it be made as it is to drink. We loved it and will definitely be back, especially to sit outside next to the retro fire pits and listen to the coolest playlist in Houston.  Oh and everyday from 4-6:30 is half price drinks!  

Jolly &  Julep,

1919 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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