Friday, January 30, 2015

A Story About Young Love & Advice from Daddy......

Dax put on an old jacket yesterday and found a small plastic ring in the pocket with Frozen characters on it.   I said, wow that’s cool, you should wear it!  He said “I'm going to give it to someone” put it back in his pocket and I didn't think anything of it. 

This morning as we walked into the playground at school, I watched him run right up to his classmate Emily, pull the ring out of his pocket and give it to her.  Emily’s mom, his teacher and I all just stood there mouths dropped.  He had saved it and put it in his jeans pocket, knowing he was going to give it to her. 

A few hours later, Jason and I picked him up and he said a boy stole the ring from Emily and hit him on the head.  Jason said “next time when he hits you, you hit him back in the same exact spot”.  Young love….

Happy Friday friends,

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