Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Due Date is Coming & Probably Going…….

Today is my due date. Last week I had convinced myself that Donovan was going to come on August 10th or 11th because of the Supermoon which was obviously not the case. I was saying it out loud, throwing it out into the universe, trying the whole 'mind over matter' thing only to wake up Monday morning and find the only thing that happened Sunday night was I completed Donovan's room and slept like crap.

Getting ready for work Monday morning Driscoe was abnormally clingy to me. He usually sees his Nana and is fine with mommy and daddy going to work, but this day was different. I got to work late because it was so hard to leave him. I decided to take my mother in law's wise advice and make Monday my last day at work so I could hopefully spend some time with Driscoe before Donovan comes. So alas, it's Tuesday, my due date, and Driscoe and I just had the best day ever.

First, we slept until 8. #winning He was so excited when he woke up next to me, 'Hi mommy!!?' Melted my heart. Then we got ready for our 'adventure'.

Yes he had to bring his 'pack pack' full of trains.

First we went to get Daddy's car washed because it was probably the filthiest vehicle in Houston. SOAP on Richmond has a kids area complete with a train track, so as you can imagine, Driscoe did not want to leave.

After that we dropped some paper work off at the new school Driscoe will be attending twice a week in September. We got a little tour and he loved it, though it was pretty difficult not playing with all the toys he saw.

Then we decided to stop by Daddy's office to say hi. We were pretty exhausted at this point. After he almost took a painting out with the golf clubs they have laying around there, we decided it was time to go. I'm so bummed I didn't get a pic, but we had both turned into Godzilla by now because we were so hungry. I decided next stop would be Memorial City Mall for some food court action, just the fuel we needed.

After we ate and turned back into Mommy and Driscoe we hit the carousel for 2 rides in a row, I was SO dizzy! Not the best idea to stand up and snap pics on a carousel after a big lunch….BARF. But Driscoe loved it!

After that we got our land legs back and did some mall walking.  I decided to take him to Build A Bear Workshop for the first time and he was SO cute. He picked out a black bear, made a wish for him, and gave him a heart. Then he dressed him up as a Firefighter, just like Grandma used to be! I was so excited and swooning over the whole experience, almost in tears at every single cute thing he did. Then of course I tried to get a pic of him with his new bear and he chunked it at me saying he doesn't like it. A nice reminder that he is 2.5. Deep breath.

Making a wish!
His new bear needs a bath of course.

Then we stopped and played at the playground they have inside the mall and he was wild as can be.
I finally had to bribe him to leave with a  popsicle and we headed home. He was asleep before we hit I-10.

Today was a great reminder to me that God is definitely in control here. I'm so thankful my 'mind over matter' didn't work and that I was able to have this day. My feet are swollen, my hands are swollen, but my heart is so full. My cousin Erica takes 1 of her 3 kids on 'dates with mommy' all the time and I remembered that today as we were strolling around the mall.  Our lives are definitely about to change, obviously for the better, but in case Driscoe has a hard time sharing our attention, I can always recreate this amazing day with just him and me, just like Erica does. And that alone has really brought me some peace.

Now, back to the couch for some more backwoods labor induction techniques Sarah and Big Mar keep telling me to do! If they work I'll share, if they don't I will not be sharing because they are pretty strange.

Stay tuned….bohoBaby #5 will be here any day now!

Love, bohoBoolie, 

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