Monday, August 18, 2014

~ Donovan Leo ~

Donovan was born last Thursday, August 14th.  Julie and Daron allowed my mom, Grace and I to be in the room, something I will be forever grateful for!  It's fitting that there were so many people around for his birth because he has had a house full of loving family and friends holding, kissing, and doting on him every day since.  Driscoe, Dax and Mo were instantly smitten and so sweet, have you ever heard a toddler do baby talk?  It's the cutest sound ever, almost as cute as Driscoe emulating Donovan's surprisingly loud cry.  And during all of this I cant stop thinking about my Grandpa Barney, he passed away 4 years ago on August 16th and in those 4 short years we have had 4 sweet baby boys.  I'm certain he is looking down on us and knows God is taking great care of his family who loves and misses him so much.  



  1. So beautiful, so blessed, so awe-inspiring. New Life. And, of course I'm crying. To bear witness to so much love is truly a God-send.

  2. I am constantly reminded of the love of sisters and family through the bohoblog! You guys/gals are so blessed and lucky to have what u do! Beautiful families and you all are just so beautiful and kind and I know your kids will forever be so grateful that they have mom's and aunts and uncles and grandparents that are so close and loving! Love yall and congrats on the newest boho baby! Michelle drab

  3. I forgot dads! But I know they have a huge impact on those boys too!

    1. michelle thank you so much!!! its such a fun wild ride to get to share with sisters, i know you know! we have to get the salinas/drab babies together asap! how fun would that be????