Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

How can one possibly find the right gift for a person who has dedicated their life to the art of giving?  

I'm talking about my sister Sarah. From the best advice, to designer hand-me-downs, to her checkbook & unexpired driver's license when Julie & I were in college and broke and still needed a way to buy beer because we were minors, Sarah never stops giving. She spends her entire Christmas bonus on children's toy drives. She is a never ending well of love and generosity. Every person she comes into contact with feels the unending love Sarah has for her family, friends, & neighbors. Sarah IS love.

So strong & loving that- while in search for her birthday present this year- I have been inspired to make one of the boldest movements of our time. It is a quest to end sex inequality in daycares and households everywhere. I am fighting for men's rights...to babysit! 

For your birthday, Jules & I chipped in to give you Paulo: Your new MANNY! (male nanny)

 Paulo grew up in Spain. Because he has a hard time finding work as a manny, he can't afford new clothes. He only wears white v-necks (that are just a little tight but not TOO tight) and a black leather jacket. His jeans are always rugged and worn, poor thing! He always has a five o'clock shadow because he skips his morning shave to make Mommy breakfast-in-bed before gently rousing the children with soft tunes from his acoustic guitar. Paulo deserves a chance too.  

 With just a $5 donation to Mannies of 'Merica you will receive this free t-shirt. 

Yes, you can get excited now.

We love you Sarah. Happiest birthday! 

Love, your bohoSisters

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