Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nirvana at Chateau DeVon

In honor of Mother's Week, I thought I would write about this pretty awesome Mom that I know, my sister Sarah (Julie, you're awesome too.).

For one whole week (a whole week, y'all!) my sister Sarah and I have been doing sunrise yoga sessions. I wake up, brush my grill, then drive the five minutes to her casa and we get down on it- the mat, that is. She leads the class and I follow. She is definitely the yogi of the family, but luckily dance has made me flexible enough to fake some of the yoga poses. She always calls me out, 'Hips should be square!' Bitch. My poses look way more impressive when I'm cheating, but I guess deceiving and mediating are not synonymous, so I tell my ego to f*ck off and oblige.

Then, enter the rug rats. Sometimes Dax is very sweet, other times he beats me in the head with whatever toy he's obsessing over. Today he was being super quiet in the other room and so Sarah told me to hold my pose while she checked on him. Just as she suspected, he was filling up his water gun with toilet water. She corrected him, emptied the gun, then came back and we began again. Three minutes later, Dax walked in and sprayed what was left in his gun (which was a lot) in my face. Then he did it to Sarah. She reprimanded. He whined. We tried not to laugh. Then we kept going. Her patience is outstanding. Anyone can do yoga in a quiet room with fresh water, candles and peaceful music, but this style of yoga, this takes incredible concentration! If you can find peace while toilet water is being sprayed in your eyeballs, random toys are talking to themselves, and little people are crawling on you like monkeys, all while holding an awkward yoga pose, then I think you've discovered nirvana. Sarah Salinas DeVon is indeed the peace queen and I'm right next to her sweating and struggling, fighting for a page out of her playbook. I love her. What a woman. Happy Mother's Day, sis. To many more crazy, sunrise yoga sessions! NAMASTE!

Sarah: 'So just grab your leg like this...'
 '..and then do this.'
 Me: Ummm... #fail
 This bitch...
Peace warrior.

Here are some quotes Sarah sent me over the years (and some that I pulled off of her Pinterest!) that have given me inspiration and helped me through hard times...  She is always looking out for her baby sis!

Then last week, when I was about to sink into the black abyss of an ex-boyfriend who is NOT awesome and NOT handsome, Sarah lovingly reminded me that I need to step up my game and start dating guys on my level. I realized she was right and cringed a little bit as I thought of my roster. She noticed and quietly said to me,

"Remember, it's never too late to get a hot ex-boyfriend."

Now das profound.

In Peace, Yoga & Sisters (just ask Beyonce) We Trust,


  1. Yea he's not awesome AT ALL, you are, and so is this post!!! Love yall, now quit rubbing your fun morning workouts in my face, i'm boiling w/envy! -love bohoMiddleSis

  2. You Girls are simply amazing!! Listen to your sister Gracie she will not steer you wrong.

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