Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chris Johnson // 1st Annual 5K Run // Keepin' It Renal

I'd love to take this time to honor our great friend Chris Johnson. Today we did the 1st Annual 5K Run for RMC. It was Chris' will to raise awareness for RMC (renal medullary carcinoma) and that's just what his family did today. The Johnson family is such an inspiration to us. Chris' spirit certainly lives on. He was a wild man. Just wild. Fun as hell and always laughing. Today we remembered him and carried on his legacy. 

Thanks Chris, love ya. Continue to watch over us (I know that's a tall order!) and save a place for us in heaven please. We'll all be there soon enough! 

I'll leave y'all with my Saturday selfie with Bernice and my new zit. Just drank two coffees, ran the 5K and ate chili cheese tater tots from Sonic. You can guess what's coming next. Chris, I hope you like that, you know us Salinas girls keep it classy. 


  1. Please tell us how many years. The woman in the photograph. Thank you very much
    Oleg 11-scb@yandex.ru

  2. http://picssr.com/photos/annaluxx/interesting/page17?nsid=29849715@N07

  3. And almost no address gaps: Oleg11-scb@yandex.ru