Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Surfside Weekend in Pics.....

Over Labor Day weekend our family rented a great little house on Surfside beach for Joe's birthday.  In true Salinas fashion, it was completely last minute (Sarah booked it Thursday night), there were zero plans in place, and the birthday boy wasn't even supposed to be in town.  Doh!  But like always, things fell into place.  Our close friends Marc, Angela, and their son lil Marc ended up staying the weekend with us, we twisted Joe's arm to stay in town, and we veto'd Aunt Peggy trying to work that weekend.  The rest is history.

We kept it laid back, open door policy, lots of food, beer, mosquito spray and sunscreen.  We grew up on Surfside beach and it felt great being back home and having our babies and friends playing on the beach we know so well.  

We were blessed with a great mix of friends & family coming and going, and with so many baby crazy family members in the house, Sarah, Daron and I actually got to sleep in.  CHEST BUMP! 
Not to mention, the beach was absolutely beautiful.  I have not seen the water that clear in so long.  After a few meltdowns from the sand touching their feet, Dax and Driscoe ended up having a blast learning how to fish, well more like trying to stab each other with fishing poles, digging in the sand, and running in the water. 
Side note: Mo never had an issue with the sand, he's a total beach baby. 
Thank you Sarah, Mom, Aunt Peggy & Jimbob for a great weekend!! Enjoy the pics, and if you want to see more we'll have the rest on our Facebook page, here.
*That was really intended for our moms, because I assume everyone else will get their fill of pics from this post alone ;) 

Isla and Brenham
Mama Goose aka Audi B aka Audra with her 'birdies'
Tamara was Mo's babysitter all weekend....he adores her! The two of them together is like an Anne Geddes calendar......it's ridiculously cute.

These 3 came in HOT! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!
(All 3 ended up napping on the couch a short time later)
Joe took lil Marc fishing in the surf....great success!
Big Marc & Lil Marc

Sarah with Angela....I just love her, she is so sweet and fun and such a good mama!! I think we asked her 20x how lil Marc is such a good kid, 'What did ya'll do?!?'
My lil family :)

Thelma & Louise

Goodness his eyes still just floor me.
Dax loves being with his Grandpa Jimbob

Mo was sweet enough to let Uncle D catch a few Zzzzz's

This is a framer people.

Going with Uncle Beerman.

We all kinda freaked out after this pic.....'Someone grab the poles!'
In Toddler Deep Thought......

Confession: I nibble on those toes when no one is looking.
They are delicious.

Those Sandcastles ain't gonna build themselves!
And back to Grandpa

Dax has some serious soccer skills you guys...

 And the last night ended like this.....
 Life is good! Until next time!

love, bohoHoolia

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