Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC bound

I leave today for a work trip to the big apple. bohoGrace is coming with and in between some really exciting business meetings, I can't wait to spend time with my little sis and - brace yourself, a little time away from my babies.  As soon as I say it I feel kinda bad "they won't be this little for long, it's just a phase, enjoy every moment, blah blah blah".  Yes they are amazing and hilarious and the loves of my life and I'm gonna miss them immediately but damn it will be nice to get just a lil break!  To not feel like I have screwed up something at least once a day (do other toddlers really brush their teeth?).  Maybe my constant back pain from carrying the lil wild ones will start to go away. Or my nose that has hurt for 2 weeks from 2 separate head butts will finally feel normal.  You write something like this and you feel like you are complaining and I don't think I am.  I find it all pretty damn funny!!!  I live with 2 wild boys that rock my world and I'm excited to go to the craziest, busiest, city that never sleeps to get a breather!    
Love you little wild ones!!!  And miss you already!

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  1. bahaahh! The Dr. told me to brush Beau's teeth too and well, I don't....Thanks for making me feel like I am not a huge failure as a mama!