Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Houston's Moonlight Dolls Draft Donna Hood

Do you remember when the Oilers drafted Earl Campbell?  Neither do I. It was 1978 and I was negative eight years old. Stop counting on your fingers and keep reading. Or how about that time, back in 1984, when the Houston Rockets won the coin toss for first-round draft pick and selected a Nigerian-born junior center from the University of Houston. That same year, the Chicago Bulls used their no. 3 pick to draft an eager kid from the University of North Carolina. Then there was that one time, in 1985, when the 49'ers 16th overall draft pick turned out to be one of the best players to ever play the game of football. Who's that? I'll give you a hint, his name starts with a Jerry and ends with a Rice.

Why am I bringing up these significant moments in draft picking history? Why am I drawing near to such greatness? I'll tell you why. On Monday, September 16, 2013 The Moonlight Dolls, Houston's very own classic burlesque troupe, drafted Alvin-born Donna Hood. A true blue dancer, performer and entertainer, Donna Hood comes to us from Los Angeles by way of Kilgore. That's right. She was a Rangerette. Her stint at Kilgore was just the beginning. Represented by bloc agency, Donna's extensive dance resume includes but is not limited to hip-hop performances with Usher, jazzercise with the cast of Glee, touring with Dita Von Teese and contemporary dancing for the Zen Arts. Let me simplify it for you, this woman can move. Check out her dance reel HERE and see for yourself. Disciplined, talented, and captivating; we couldn't ask for more. Come join us this Saturday night as we welcome her to the Prohibition family. 

Shows at 730 and 930pm
Prohibition Craft of Cocktails 
5175 Westheimer Rd. Ste 2295 Houston, Texas 77056. Click HERE for tickets or call 281-940-4636

Disclaimer: In case you are not aware, at Prohibition we empower women. Our shows encompass the kind of classic femininity that is strong enough to stand the test of time. That is why, every Saturday night, we travel backwards through time and relive the grandeur life of the roaring twenties as a way to pay homage to our effeminate roots. You can scoff at the idea of women walking around on stage and taking their clothes off, but let me introduce you to another school of thought: one of triumph. Societies have tried to oppress women for centuries and some still do. For those doing the oppressing, we, at Prohibition, have one response to that; it is a motion where we bend over and show you our nice, taut asses. Have a nice day! 

In Love & Respect We Trust,
bohoDanceBoo Grace

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