Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DePetra by bohoJ

Our guest blogger, bohoSarah's hubby Jason gives you a peek inside the magical and inspiring duo that is DePetra.
Sometimes in life when you are looking for something special you run into special people, and that is exactly what happened to me when I was looking for a birthday gift for the one I love, my wife bohoSarah.  Not just any gift, but something with meaning, something special, something spiritual in a way.  When I met Lorena and Cynthia (the sisters who own and create every piece that is DePetra) I knew that I was at the right place.  They are known for hand-making small leather pouches that are carried by a highly detailed necklace in which you can store all of your special keepsakes in.  As soon as I saw one it reminded me of something a Cherokee Indian would have worn to carry their most prized possessions.  To me it wasn't just a piece of jewelry, it was more than that...it had it's own spirit about it.  The more I worked with the DePetra Sisters, the more I realized I was absolutely right.  These ladies are unique and highly talented artists in their own right.  They are so passionate about their pieces and you can certainly tell when you lay eyes on the detail and the workmanship.  

For myself, I was instructed to bring small items that meant something to Sarah, where I obliged by bringing a gold Italian good luck charm, a small cross, and other special pieces from our travels.  They sewed each one on to the pouch, and the rest of the mementos will enter the pouch over time.  It's the most unique item I have ever bought.  It turned out unique and edgy and completely Sarah.  What a Combo!  To make a long story short - I got my lady something special for her birthday and she absolutely loves it....but the best part for me was the journey and meeting these amazing women along the way.  It's not just about jewelry, it's more than that.  It's passion, love, and spirituality.

Thanks Lorena & Cynthia, you ladies Rock!

*images via Pinterest, bohoBlack, Marzifat and DePetra

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