Monday, September 15, 2014

My Mo is 2

My little Morris Anthony turned 2 on September 12th.  Since he is waaaaay too busy to let me take any new pictures, I thought I would share some from his first few months.  Looking through them has made me miss those huge chunky cheeks and naps with him on my chest, but I love how his big brown eyes look the same as they did when he was so small.  
I love every single thing about him, from the way he kisses like a dog (he will lick you) to his cute wobbly walk.  He can crush a bag of donut holes in 3 minutes and his favorite word is maaama.  He has taught Jason and I so much in his 2 quick years and brought our family closer than ever.  He's my Mo, he's 2 and he's perfect.  

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  1. Ugh these pics are so great!!! I forget how chubby his cheeks were! Yesterday I caught him right before his nap and he let me hold him and snuggle for a good 5 minutes, I thought he was asleep he was so still, it was the best ever!!! I love that lil wild child. Happy birthday Mo!