Friday, September 5, 2014

Life with TWO! We've got KIDS.

Donovan is three weeks today! We have been adjusting to life with 2 kids (one being newborn).  I forget how little they sleep!

Last night I saw 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, and 4 o'clock, maybe 5 I just can't remember. If Donovan sleeps on my chest we can get 3 hours, but sleeping like that scares me so I've been really trying to put him in the Moses basket, which means only 1 hour increments. It's so strange how your body can manage to continue functioning on such little sleep? Thankfully I have Maria so I can actually shower and get dressed. I never thought I would be a mother that said this, but I really can't imagine doing this without a nanny. Even just having an adult to talk to during the day I think helps me keep my sanity.
The first few days home I thought Driscoe hated both me and Donovan. He was moody and kind of mean. At one point he was trying to hit us, Daron had to pull him away and I of course BURST into sobs tears for fear I ruined my first born's life. I can't imagine how bad I freaked Daron out crying like that. Post partum hormones are nuts, and unfortunately this was not my only melt down moment. 

As for Driscoe's behavior, upon further investigation, we realized he hadn't napped and the bouncing around of care takers while we were in the hospital might have pissed him off a little. By day three he was sweet and loving and has been a great big brother ever since, Thank GOD. He has come up with his own language too when he talks to Donovan….I have NO clue what he is saying, but it's so cute. 

Over Labor Day weekend we made it out of the house to Aunt Peggy's for Uncle Joe's birthday and then to cousin Erica's for Hudson and Will's baptism party. It was SO fun! I was dreading this day thinking it would be super hectic, but it was far from it. We left the house at 1:30 and didn't get back until almost 10 pm and had a blast the whole time. 

Driscoe also started pre-school during all these MAJOR changes. Awesome timing, I know. I took him to school on day 1 and he cried and I sobbed. I was pinching my leg SO HARD just walking him into the classroom trying not to lose it in front of him, but I managed to get out without him seeing me cry and he ended up having a blast.  When I picked him up he said, "Mommy I stopped crying, I just missed you." Cue Meltdown #2. 
Today I took him for his 2nd day and he walked right in like a champ, told me he loved me and that he'll see me soon and started playing. No tears on either of us, we kicked day 2's ass! High five!

So here are some pics of what we've been up to according to my iPhone…...

Ugh. They melt me. 
Life is good.

love, bohoBoolie

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