Thursday, June 5, 2014

Proud Mary keep on burning

This is my mom Mary.  She is amazing.

People ask her what she drinks in the morning to stay so energized all day. She claims it's some magical 'green smoothie', but we all know it's just Big Mar.  She has an energy and charisma, an excitement for life that you can't pull out of any type of smoothie. Sorry, Juicers.

This lady is just special. She birthed 4 children without any drugs, stayed at home to raise them, and then decided to go back to school for her nursing degree.  As an EMS, she saw a Life Flight helicopter land in the middle of a scene and decided she wanted to be a Life Flight nurse.  And you know what? She did it. She worked in a few emergency rooms to build her resume, adding letters behind her RN title making her an even bigger (more certified) bad a$$ than she already was at the time.  Finally, she got her opportunity to fly on Life Flight, and she crushed it.  She flew for almost 10 years.  She continues to work hard as a nurse, and plays harder than all of us combined. 

She is a hippie at heart and will cover you with essential oils before she gives you modern medicine (unless of course your arm is falling off).  Our sons ask for oils for everything, and if they spend the weekend with Grandma they are coming back smelling like patchouli.

She would take a bullet for any of us, but would prefer to just fight ya with her bare fists. She's a scrappy one that isn't scared to stand up for what is right, and has zero problem letting you know.  She has given all of us the confidence and strength to use our voice. She has given us the best example of how hard work really pays off. And she taught us that no matter what you are doing, ANYTHING can be fun...even a new pen!  She is the best grandma, our best friend, and the best mama. I'm so thankful. 

I love you mama, and I'm so proud of your headstand, and I just wanted to shout it out to everyone.  That's all.

love, Julia 
*And of course  >>-------->

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