Monday, June 16, 2014

Baywatchin with the babies.


Dax, Mo and I went to Izzy's beach house last week with her 2 kids Marshall and Seve, our friend Carla and her son, Paz.  We were out numbered.  It's the most exhausting, stressful kind of fun I have ever experienced.  

Dax decided he does not like the beach, the sand, or being wet and dirty; so we got creative.  Izzy channeled her fast car obsession into a 9 seater golf cart that we toted around 5+ kids (Keather and Karter were there for a night too).  We went off roading on the bay side of Indian Beach and tried to launch a kid off the cart into the sand doing donuts.  Joking.  We played in the bay for hours, it was like a chill swimming pool with crabs and mosquitoes.  

We rode to a fishing dock we went to last time and the Freeport girl in me decided we should crab.  I tied some string onto raw chicken legs and we had 5 toddlers on a broken pier above crab infested waters crabbing!!  No one fell in and no one got salmonella.  

It was wild and crazy, the days spent chasing and entertaining babies, calming tantrums, wiping asses....but the wild days make for early bedtimes for the littles.  And the nights spent guzzling wine, laughing about the day and late night off roading in the golf cart under the holy shit most amazing full moon I've ever seen.  I can't wait to do it again.


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