Tuesday, June 10, 2014

bohoBodies // Summertime Sunny-ness

It's bikini season. Time to be almost-naked in front of your friends, family, new crush, old crush, new crush's ex-girlfriend, old crush's new girlfriend, hot neighbor, hot neighbor's friend, hot neighbor's friend's brother, your brother's hot friend, and most importantly, YOURSELF.  This summer I have started doing morning yoga with Sarah. It's been great for my body and psyche. I'm stronger and also more patient. In other words, I'm getting yoked and I'm not a jerk. Eat your heart out, 'roiders!

If you're new to yoga, start with a simple Sun Salutation. This sequence is perfect for beginners and will teach you important yoga fundamentals to use for a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime. 

Stretch out your body. Breathe in deeply. Fill your lungs with air, then exhale! Push all of your thoughts away and meditate on all of the wonderful people and opportunities in your life. Inner peace is just around the corner. 

Thanks Sarah, for keeping me in tune with all this hippie $hit. It's working. 

                        In Yoga We Trust,

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