Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Road Goes On Forever and ....

This week we are featuring an unexpected and very special guest writer: our Dad. Recently retired, Dad aka Jimbob, calls himself a "professional leisurist". Dad doesn't just stop to smell the roses, he lives to smell the roses!  After Grace's baby shower this past Saturday, Jimbob felt compelled to take the helm at bohoBlack and so we let him take it away... 

"Real people, real love, real lessons learned! 
I was taken aback for it was right there to see... Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees." 
-Jimmy 'Jimbob' Salinas

I'm guest writing on bohoBlack for the first time, could be my last! You have seen my photos (I included this one to refresh your memory), most of which were courtesy of a government-supplied Blackberry that finally transitioned to a personal iPhone. As a former, part-time contributor for a company newsletter, I figured this would be easy, however I found myself a bit intimidated by the concept of writing something that would "click" with the readers of bohoBlack. I decided to follow the concepts of the owners and keep it real-life, relatable, positive, and hopefully entertaining plus educational at the same time. Wow! Now that's a challenge!

One of Dad's famous sunrise photos
Recently, I attended a baby shower for bohoGrace. This was not your traditional baby shower, but fit right in with the norm that defines these ladies i.e. funky and eclectic. This was a pool party/baby shower where opening gifts was secondary to enjoying the faces, voices, and presence of incredibly loving people. If you were having a bad week, this was your prescription for relief. Take this one with your favorite beverage, and there were plenty!

Family (I believe friends are family too) congregated, and enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere in one of the most unique homes I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Robin and Jeff shared this great blessing with us, and little did I know that Robin was one of the bohoBlack readers who enjoyed the Quintana Sunrises! Robin, you motivated me!

The lessons of love were everywhere to be found and the one that totally blew me away was when it came time to eat. I anticipated that finger foods would be the order of the day. Eh! Negative!! There in the covered kitchen/serving area that was part of this palatial pool was enough prepared food to feed everybody in The Woodlands community! The menu included:
  • Cajun Pork 
  • Cajun Rice Dressing
  • Cajun Mac and Cheese
  • Cajun Spinach Dip
  • Cajun  Bread
  • Cajun Love
Stoney and Sarah Delcambre (pronounced del-come) for your edification, labored days making this feast. Stoney, a true Cajun from Delcambre, LA (I think his family owns the town) and his ability to cook is only circumvented by this couple's ability to show love! When I asked them both about the food, they said, "Anything for Grace! We love her!". I walked away telling my self, "Self, you just saw God!"  

Go out and show some love to someone today. It's contagious!

"The road goes on forever and the LOVE never ends!"
The hostess with the mostest: Robin
Let the fun begin!
The parents-to-be as babies. Guess which one is Josh and which one is Grace...
The only picture we captured of the amazing cooks because they were too busy partying to pose for pics. Clockwise from left: Stoney, Sarah, Josh, Grace, Keather, Michael & Natalie

Josh and  boys from A&M plus the new grandparents-to-be: Gigi & Grumpy

     Julie's Godfather Mike, his granddaughter Audrey & his daughter Natalie, our long time friend

Sarah, Grace, Keather and Grandma Big Mar

Swan and Big Marc. Family.

Grandma Big Mar (she's probably telling Jimbob to quit taking pictures).

Uncle Rich, Jason, Joe and Mike (the Godfather)

Meredith, Aunt Helen and Jason

Our long time friend Rochelle, Jason and Sarah

The A&M Boys: Josh Chance, Albert, Josh Bearden and Brent
Mike 'Swan', Daron & Stoney
Swan. Such a Romeo...
Sarah Devon, Jason Devon, and friends Kyle & Eddy
Husband of the host, Jeff
Meredith, babymama Grace and Robin
Our very fine friend, Angela
Julia enjoying the pool!
The Bertillon family! 
Chow time!
Our future sister-in-law Meredith & Grace
The most awesome service squad! 
Joe, Gerry, Julie and Aunt Fran
Swim time!
These daddies are the best!
Grace & Cousin Tamara
The newly engaged Joe & Meredith

Stoney, Sarah, Grace & Swan
Brother-in-law trio Jason, Daron & Joe
Lovely ladies: Miranda & Meredith 
Our long time bestie LeAnn and her sweet angel Valentina

 Keather did the best job ever putting together this yummy dessert table!

Our Godfamily
Grumpy with his cool nieces Jordan and Alexa 
Initials for our baby girl: Julia Monroe Bearden
Tamara and Jimbob!


  1. Awesome post Jimbob! And, thank you for the sunrise photo! There truly was so much love this special day. I was honored to play a small part. Me and Jeff love you all so much!

  2. Should definitely not be your last post! Beautiful family, amazing home, wonderful food.A great day and way to celebrate our new baby Julia's event to be...Was blessed to be there.We enjoyed it all.

  3. A great essay big brother! You did a great job of sharing the wonderful day in pictures and words!