Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Random Tuesday Night at The Bert's........

Tonight poor Driscoe was asleep on the couch with a 101 fever by 6:30.  A bug has made its way from the DeVon house to the Bertillion house, which for us, is totally par for the course.  

Fortunately, Donovan has avoided this bug, and besides a little discomfort from teething he has been his normal happy self.
While big brother was snoozing, Donovan crawled his way into Driscoe's room, a place where he is usually forbidden (along with every other kid under age 3), and went buh-nana's.  I sat and watched quietly as he checked out every single toy, tried on the Spider-man mask (with my help), and just thoroughly enjoyed rummaging around in his big brother's room.  

I remembered doing the same thing in Sarah's room when I was little, except I would leave with her dirty clothes and wear them to school the next day. Nighty-night!


Sleep with one eye open, Driscoe.......

You did it Donovan! 
Now clean up that mess and get out before he wakes up.

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