Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Most Guys...

Man it's been a while since I've written anything. In fact, my last post chronicled an embarrassing dating situation that I had experienced as a single woman. How things have changed! 

Over the last six months I met the love of my life and got pregnant. I am now five months along (yup, do the math) and we are expecting our baby girl in September. Although this pregnancy came as a surprise, I could not be more excited to be a mommy. The father, my wonderful and sweet Joshua, is the best man I could have never imagined. If you asked me to chalk up my dream guy before I had met Josh, he still wouldn't be half the man Josh is. 

Most guys would run for the hills if they found out their girlfriend of one month was pregnant. Not Josh. He hasn't missed a single dr's appointment. He read aloud to me a six-page booklet of pregnancy FAQ's while I slept, and never once has he flinched at the lifestyle change and journey that we are embarking on. By the way folks, the pull-out method does not work.

Most guys would not be able to endure a woman's pregnancy psychosis. Not Josh. He apologizes for the irrational reason(s) I'm upset then tells me I'm beautiful and that I'm the love of his life. I'll sit there smiling and swooning at his words. I probably look ugly and creepy AF as I transition from one extreme mental state to the next. Yet there he sits, cool as a cucumber, waiting for the next episode. 

Most guys would grumble when their pregnant girlfriend asks them to take the trash out every hour because she thinks it stinks. Not Josh. He runs the bag to the dumpster then smells the empty can and gently remarks, 'It doesn't stink.' 

Eventually I lost my shit anyway and demanded that he throw the entire can away. And he did. 

My dreamboat. 

They say that God works in mysterious ways and I think 'they' are right. I wasn't planning on having a child til I was in my mid thirties. I had an entirely different idea for how my life would unfold. I knew I would meet the right man, but I didn't think it would be until I was past the age of 30. It's laughable now. 

And when I say 'most guys' I don't mean to insinuate that most guys are incapable of being loving, caring individuals. What I am saying is that most guys I had ever known before never loved me like Josh does. 

I believe the whole 'when you know you know' saying rings true... at least I hope it does. Otherwise I'll be stuck up shit creek with a screaming newborn and no paddle. 

Cheers to another bohoBaby!

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