Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Adult Weekend.

We asked for it and we got it.  A weekend with adult parties, no kids, no blow up water slides, one where we fixed our hair and put on makeup.  

It started with a 50th Birthday party for the painfully cool and ageless Chris Pendergraft. There was a DJ and a dance floor, a full bar with Megan Fox look alike bartenders (I apologize for not getting a pic) and a shot block!  We danced and laughed, we had uninterrupted conversations and we left when Daron walked into a glass wall and almost took out the back of the house.  Finished that up with a nice dinner inside of Whataburger and the night was a success.  

Saturday morning came quick and it was a full day with the little's but when bed time rolled around we were off again.  I kissed the babies goodnight and cringed as I put on a pair of heels....twice in one weekend and my feet were pissed.  We went to the most beautiful home wedding of Jeff & Robin Starcher.  There wasn't a dry eye as they exchanged vows in their courtyard surrounded by family and friends.  It was dreamy and intimate with a saxophonist, lots of barefoot dancing and the yummiest adult punch.  The gorgeous bride wore an ombre rose petal dress that tied in all of the incredible flowers which filled the entire house....it was the sweetest story book wedding.

And so we had our wild and fun adult weekend and as much as we enjoyed those uninterrupted conversations, they were mostly about our sleeping babies. Sigh. 
The weekend started with a painted potted plant from my lil petunia.
A 50th birthday party for Chris, yes that handsome man is 50! 

We found some black dots and put them on our faces.  Because this was an adult weekend and that's what adults do.

Adults also act like they are shot block pros.  And then they realize the next morning when their kids are up at 7AM, that there is no such thing.
But we gave it our best shot ;)
And sometimes the dad's are just like their kids.
"I'm going to get 2 hours of sleep tonight and I'm not scared." 
Ended the night with a special dinner inside Whataburger.
Resting up for round 2.
Fueling up for round 2.
Round 2.
My loves.
The sweet. loving, beautiful Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Starcher.
DJ Senega & the sax.
Our soul sister Robin.
Adults with their juice.
This prego princess was tearing up the dance floor.
Heading home.
How we felt.
And Happy Mother's Day momma!!
Still tired,

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