Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post-Pregnancy Belly Blast // Tabata Timer // Julia B.

The baby is here and everything is perfect. Beautiful, healthy baby? Check. Happy, helpful husband? Check. Va-jay-jay all in one piece? BIG CHECK! 

Now it's time to get that body in check.

Julia is in beast mode and there is no stopping her until she is back down to fighting weight. Currently she is at 150 lbs and her goal weight is 130 lbs. 

She swears by the help of her trusty Tabata Timer to keep her workouts on track. This is a free app you can download directly to your smartphone. 

The Tabata Timer creates a 4-minute workout that is broken down into :20 and :10 second intervals. 

We compiled a list of Julia's Tabata Timer Workout for today along with some helpful tips! We hope you enjoy this workout & will join us on this journey to get Julia back to feeling her best! 

20 Minutes of Ass-Kicking a la Julia
(1) Booty Blast
(2) Core
(3) Upper Body & Booty Mix
(4) Upper Body
(5) Cardio

Tabata Timer & Julia are ready to go!

(1) Booty Blast
Jump Squats & Regular Squats
:20 second Jump Squats
:10 second Regular Squats
Repeat for Four Minutes 
Jump Squat & Regular Squat: Part 1

Jump Squat & Regular Squat: Part 2
 (For the second part of the Regular Squat, use this same form minus the jump.)
Squatting Pointers
*Spread your butt cheeks when you sit down into the squat.
*Clench your butt cheeks when you stand or jump up out of the squat.
*Do not let your knees fall over your toes when squatting down.
*Sit down deep into the squat, like you're sitting down on a toilet.

(2) Core
Suitcase Crunches & Plank
:20 seconds Suitcase Crunches
:10 second Plank
Repeat for Four Minutes 
Suitcase Crunch: Part 1
Suitcase Crunch: Part 2

The Plank! 
Crunching Pointers
*Keep your belly button pressed to your spine when crunching.
*Keep elbows wide, do not fold them around your head.
*Pretend like you're holding a tennis ball under your chin, do not tuck your chin to your chest.
*Keep your lower back on the ground at all times.
Plank Pointers:
*keep your butt down when planking so that your body is flat (LIKE A PLANK!)

(3) Upper Body Booty Mix
Squat Thrust & Jump Squat with REST
:20 second Squat Thrust
:10 REST
:20 second Jump Squat
:10 REST 
Repeat for Four Minutes 
Squat Thrust: Part One
Squat Thrust: Part 2
Squat Thrust: Part 3
Jump Squat: Part 1
Jump Squat: Part 2

Squat Thrust Pointers
*Keep your butt down.
*Your hands should be just wider than shoulder-width apart (like a push-up).
*Focus on using your core when thrusting your legs out and bringing them back in.

(4) Upper BodyBicep Curls & Incline Push-Ups:20 second Bicep Curls:10 second Push-Ups
Repeat for Four Minutes 
Bicep Curl: Part 1 

Bicep Curl: Part 2
Incline Push-Up Position: Part 1
Incline Push-Up Position: Part 2

Bicep Curl Pointers
*Keep elbows close to your rib cage.
*Keep shoulders down, no shrugging.
*Focus on using only your bicep muscles. Do not swing your forearms up and down, it's cheating!

(5) Cardio/Sprint Interval
:20 second Hard Sprint:10 second Easy Jog
Repeat for Four Minutes 

Getting Ready to Sprint!
(She looks real excited.)

:10 second jogging recovery

:20 seconds of hard sprinting
(The old man was trying to stay out of the pic. Hehe!)

:10 second easy jog recovery

Sprinting Pointers
*Run like a motherf*cker.

WHOOP WHOOP! All finished.

 Thank you to our good & fit friend Lea Ann who introduced us to the Tabata Timer. She is a well-known trainer at River Oaks and Houston Country Clubs.
Follow her on Instagram for some serious workout tips! @leabratcher

Stay tuned for our next fitness post on Julia's fresh & clean dieting tips.

In Fitness We Trust,
bohoBaby Grace 

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