Thursday, February 6, 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm cranky PREGNANT!
There is a lil angel growing in my belly!! 

Which means there has been a lot of this: 

Followed by a lot of these:

None of this: 

Or this:

 But lots of this:

 And LOADS of these:

And I would like to take this moment to apologize now if you have been met with this face:

Or this face:

Mostly to my family and Daron and that guy I yelled at in the Costco parking lot…on second thought, screw that guy. He wouldn't let Driscoe and I continue to cross the street, leaving us in the middle of the road as he drove by with his malti-poo on his lap. Jerk. I like mean pregnant Julie in those situations.
So besides the normal cravings, exhaustion, and moodiness, I'm feeling great, and I'm beyond excited for Driscoe to have a sibling.
Our newest bohoBaby will be ready to come play in early August, so I shouldn't be hot and miserable at all. Or when I turn 30 in July while 9 months pregnant, that should be a super fun party.
Ahhh, I know this is a blessing, I'm just a little cranky this pregnancy.  I sometimes find myself growling like Clint Eastwood in Gran Tarino, and even worse, making his scowl. Basically, this angel baby likes to suck the sweet right out of me, which makes me think he or is she is gonna be sweeter than the Skittles I crush on a daily.

Here are some of our latest pics. I cannot WAIT to find out the sex. I have a feeling this baby is gonna be a little brother!

I can't wait to meet you bohoBaby!! 

your crazy mama!

*disclaimer: Just because I have admitted I'm cranky does not give you the right to throw it in my face. You've been warned.


  1. Yeah you are finally out of the bohobaby closet- making it official on the blog! :) You are making me want some Whataburger! love u!

  2. AWWW...Nathan and I were just talking about you guys! We are so happy for you!! Congrats! (and BTW...I had dray in sept...and you might as well get a window unit air conditioner installed in the bedroom and prepare to only leave the house at night. uggghhhhhh.....

  3. I hope it's a girl!!! I wanna grand daughter!!!

  4. oops, Ellen Pea, is me Carla but through lastnightpics account – convoluted. sorry!