Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Around Town: Manready Mercantile

I have been wanting to check this place out for a while, I brought Jason and Dax with me and they both had meltdowns when it was time to leave.  It's cool, just flat out cool. 

Everything they sell is made in the USA and crafted to last for generations.  As the name states, it's pretty much a men's store, but as a girl who loves to wear men's watches and cologne there are a million things in here I really really want!  From candles to bracelets, to antique pistols (Dax's pick) and the softest leather bags ever, if you are local, you should check it out.  If not, the website will have to do and below are some of my favorites.

Manready Mercantile: 321 West 19th Street Suite B Houston, TX 77008 

Wax Dipped Whiskey Glasses
Scout Backpack
Slope Waffle Beenie
Cedar + Sage Soy Candle

Work Hard, Live Well Canteen
Whiskey Blooded Tee

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